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Re: [MiNT] scsilib


1. I've made a stupid mistake in bootmenu.c (I replaced "-1" by "1" and didn't
notice it isn't flag but number indicating number of seconds -- unfortunately
this feature isn't used in boot menu). Please revert my changes to this
file :)


2. I'm playing with mintlib a little bit -- it seems mintlib isn't compilable
as is on plain setup (i.e. just some tools + gcc + binutils + flex + bison +
make) -- syscall target needs both crt0.o and libc.a which is pretty bad in
my opinion. I've made some experiments and I've got it running -- first make
in ./startup, then make in ./lib and then make in ./syscall
with -I$PWD/../include and references to startup and lib for libs. But I'm
not sure if this is correct, i.e. if some output of syscall target isn't some
input for lib* targets?

That's true, the syscall target generate some files for the libc.a. So it require a working gcc (not only compiler, also libs). For real bootstrapping it's maybe a good idea (configurable for sure) to change the running order a little bit, e.g. first build crt.0 and libc.a to compile and run syscalls, then update libc.a and build the other targets.

Normally that don't matter. The normal way of building the mintlib is that you build it on a working host system (including cross-compiling).


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