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Re: [MiNT] Mintnet success ?

Ok I'll try to answer all the questions/suggestions.

I am using a Netgear DG814 so I hope that any issues would
have been found by others. I use the same device with 1.15.12 so
surely it should work with 1.16

I am not sure if I have tried the NICs in different pci slots but
I will give it a go but the same reasoning applies, it works with

Ping on Linux an XP/dos does fragment the packets if you ping with
a large packet size maybe this isn't possible with Mint ping.

Below the >>> I have pasted part of a conversation between Evan
and me from 2006 when he was helping disect the comms for me.

He did notice that during the re-transmit, the size of the data
packet grows by 1 byte but it doesn't look large enough to exceed
1500 and it is all ready re-trying.

Now let's see what happens about the same point in the conversation
with 1.16:

17:01:48.760000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 106:151(45)
ack 114 win 64240

     We've just acked packet 114 and sent another 45 bytes.  Now the
window size is much bigger and it looks like some data is still in the
buffer.  Maybe this is a RCPT TO followed by an email address?  It's
either that or part of email data.  You can see why the data would help.

17:01:48.870000 smtp.myisp.net.smtp > . ack 151
win 65535 (DF)

     The difference here is that the other side doesn't send back any
data.  Its unclear how far into the conversation this has occurred since
there is no data being captured, but it took quite awhile for the other
end to send the ACK.

There should have been a response if it was a command, so I assume that the
last command got screwed up somehow and the other end is waiting for the
CRLF, or this is part of the DATA portion of the command.

17:01:48.870000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 151:1284(1133)
ack 114 win 64240

     Your machine sends 1133 bytes in response.  This is too big to be
a command, so I assume its part of the data for an email.  However,
this isn't quite the place in the conversation for it.

17:01:48.965000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2729(1445)
ack 114 win 64240

     Still no ACK from the server, so we keep sending another 1445 bytes

17:01:49.020000 smtp.myisp.net.smtp > . ack 1284 win
65535 (DF)

    The server finally gets around to ACKing up to 1284 but not the
last 1445 we just sent.   Again no P flag, so there is no data being
sent back to us.

17:01:49.050000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 2729:4174(1445)
ack 114 win 64240

We send another 1445 bytes of new data.

17:01:49.135000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 4174:5619(1445)
ack 114 win 64240

And another 1445 bytes of new data.

17:01:49.520000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2730(1446)
ack 114 win 64240

Now for some reason, we're falling into a retransmit, trying to
retransmit from the last ACK.  But instead of 1445 bytes, it's 1446 ?
Some time has expired as well.

17:01:50.630000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2731(1447)
ack 114 win 64240

Again, another retransmit, this time a full second later, and there is no
response from the other end.  Oddly another byte of data is in there.  I think
MiNT has some error here during a retransmit causing an extra byte to be sent
each time.  It doesn't look right to me.

17:01:52.830000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2732(1448)
ack 114 win 64240

Another 2 seconds with no data anywhere and the size grew again.

17:01:57.230000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2733(1449)
ack 114 win 64240

Now its 4 seconds.  We'e in TCP slow-start.  Just hoping for a response.

17:02:06.030000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2734(1450)
ack 114 win 64240

8 seconds.

17:02:23.630000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2735(1451)
ack 114 win 64240

16 seconds.

17:02:58.830000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2736(1452)
ack 114 win 64240

35 seconds.

17:04:09.230000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2737(1453)
ack 114 win 64240
at this point MyMail is closed

It timed out.

17:05:49.230000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: P 1284:2738(1454)
ack 114 win 64240

This is an eternity

17:06:48.980000 smtp.myisp.net.smtp > P 114:161(47) ack
1284 win 65535 (DF)

And there is some response back from the server finally!   47 bytes long and I
bet it tells you why it hasn't been responding all this time.  The last valid
packet it got was at byte 1284, which is where we've been resending from all
this time.

17:06:48.980000 > smtp.myisp.net.smtp: R
1117907746:1117907746(0) win 0mtp: P 1284:2737(1453) ack 114 win 64240
at this point MyMail is closed

Restart of the connection