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Re: [MiNT] Mintnet success ?

I thought I had made a breakthrough last night but I am not sure.

I now have an ancient laptop connected to the Netgear ADSL router.
This can view the settings. Highwire can't because the box needs
a login (not https) and it uses some javascript.

I was going to copy the settings onto a D-Link box that I could
never user with 1.15.12 because it is DHCP only. I noticed that
the default MTU on the box is 1458. I tried to change it but the
box would hang if I did. Perhaps the adsl connection is setting
this value ?

So I tried setting the Mint MTU to 1458 and it still works. Then
I gradually increased it in steps. It stopped working at 1475 but
works at 1472 (need to double check this, it was getting very late).

I was ftp-uploading a 2Mbyte file at about 45kbytes/s.

It doesn't make sense to me that it still works with Mint MTU higher
than the ADSL box. Should I set the MTU as high as possible or
set it to 1458 ?