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Re: [MiNT] Mintnet success ?

Hi Peter,
On 17 Nov 2007 at 13:06, Peter Slegg wrote:

> I thought I had made a breakthrough last night but I am not sure.
> I now have an ancient laptop connected to the Netgear ADSL router.
> This can view the settings. Highwire can't because the box needs
> a login (not https) and it uses some javascript.
> I was going to copy the settings onto a D-Link box that I could
> never user with 1.15.12 because it is DHCP only. I noticed that
> the default MTU on the box is 1458. I tried to change it but the
> box would hang if I did. Perhaps the adsl connection is setting
> this value ?
> So I tried setting the Mint MTU to 1458 and it still works. Then
> I gradually increased it in steps. It stopped working at 1475 but
> works at 1472 (need to double check this, it was getting very late).
> I was ftp-uploading a 2Mbyte file at about 45kbytes/s.
> It doesn't make sense to me that it still works with Mint MTU higher
> than the ADSL box. Should I set the MTU as high as possible or
> set it to 1458 ?

If you notice, 1472-1458 = 14, the length of the ethernet header.  This may not 
be a coincidence: possibly one end or the other is including the length of the 
header in the MTU and one isn't.  But in any case, it's irrelevant, 1458 or 
1472 who cares, the difference in throughput is unlikely to be measurable even 
on a very large file.  Leave it at 1458 and don't sweat, your system is now 
working (we all hope ;-)).