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Re: [MiNT] GLib

On Sunday 18 November 2007, Peter Slegg wrote:


> I thought I would have a go at Wireshark because Roger suggested it.
> I knew it wouldn't be easy and even if it failed at least some other
> packages might get an update in the process. Someone has to do it.
> My Milan60 is capable of building them at reasonable speed but I
> have almost no experience of building rpm's.

Well, at least you have a Milan. Sometimes I wish those would still be 

Anyway, on the subject of RPMs, maybe upgrading rpm itself to version 
4.x would be a more logical course of action. Version 4 and up come 
with a separate rpmbuild command, so that the two functions, building 
packages and installing them, are handled by two different programs. 
This may (or may not) make things easier for building other packages. 

> Another update on the net issues. This morning I had no client
> functionality. All I could do was ping hosts. I have just reduced
> the mtu back to 1458 and all is well again.

I've noticed just recently that my modem/router's MTU is set to 1498, so 
go figure... If it works at any value, don't fiddle with it :-)

Jean-François Lemaire