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Re: [MiNT] NFS server

> I found out more:
> there seems to be a 'magical filesize barrier' when copying files to server (Falcon CT60/MinT)-
> from No.2-Falcon to server, maximum filesize is 1360 bytes, one byte more and the copyaction aborts.
> From Linux-PC to server, max. filesize is  somewhere between 27000 bytes and 28000 bytes,
> copyaction aborts with 'Input/output error' in bash.
> Sometimes the size of the file which is (partly) saved on server now is correct, but the file
> is not readable (or only shows empty bytes when opened with qed); sometimes the filesize is only a
> multiple of 1024 (most 8192).
> I hope we can sort this out.
> Thanks for your reply,
> Lars

This sounds similar to a problem I had with Mint 1.16 that didn't occur with

Whenever I sent an email biiger than a certain size it would terminate
without sending the entire email. Smaller ones worked fine.

I eventually found a "fix" by altering the MTU size.

It should be in the FreeMint mail archive.