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Re: [MiNT] Native gcc 4.4.1 and binutils 2.19.1

I guess this is a bit out of scope for this mailing-list, but I ask anyway ;-) I'm not familiar with how gcc is designed and implemented. Does anybody know what it would take to build a cross-compiler for MiNT? Another hobby of mine is playing with electronics and microcontroller, and I would like to run avr-gcc on my Milan instead of my PC...
It wouldn't be any bit harder than to build regular gcc :) It's exactly the same process on mint as on linux -- you must have some working gcc+binutils+libc, then you can compile anything you want, in your case gcc sources with AVR target. You can even build it on your linux (to avoid long compilation times) using --build=your_linux --host=m68k-atari-mint --target=some_avr_target -- the result will be binary compiled on linux, running on mint and producing avr binaries ;)

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