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Re: [MiNT] XaAES

on 7/23/09 6:46 AM, Konrad Kokoszkiewicz wrote:

>>> I don't know anything about this stuff, but MiNT should behave exactly
>>> as TOS, especially for programs that are not MiNT aware.
>>> This looks like a bug in MiNT...
>> If someone could explain the intention of this, there could possibly be a
>> workaround in XaAES. Until then you can just disable this feature in MiNT by
>> #defining MM_INSERT 0 in keyboard.c, as I wrote before. On my MiNT the
>> Bconin-returns are ok now.
> It is me who basically wrote the keyboard.c module, but it was so long ago
> that I don't remember such details. I mainly used the Atari Compendium as
> a reference, and own experiments to verify, if the reference is correct.
> It is possible that it is written there and I missed failed to verify
> that.
> Anyways, if you're sure that it will improve the compatibility of the
> keyboard behaviour so that it will behave more like TOS, fix that. It is
> the intention of the module to emulate the TOS behaviour as closely as
> possible.

Speaking of keyboard.c

This section:

# if 0
    /* bit 2 of conterm variable decides, whether we
     * put the shift status to the buffer or not.
    if ((*(uchar *)0x0484L & 0x04) == 0)
        c0 = 0;
# endif

Shouldn't this be bit 3 ??

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