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Re: [MiNT] [Mint-cvs] [FreeMiNT CVS] freemint/sys/sockets/inet4

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 5:32 PM, Henk Robbers <h.robbers@chello.nl> wrote:
> Paul Wratt wrote:
>> Why, I have used it with ARAnyM. mind you that is only with 1.16.3 atm
>> I have used and tested the command line version, which is functionally
>> identical to GUI version, including the project compiler.
> You are confusing 2 incarnations of AHCC.
> AHCC_P.TTP which takes the project file as input. (was AHCC_PRJ.TTP)
> AHCC_T.TTP compiler/assembler only.
> The latter is untested.
> 50 minutes sounds slow to me.
> I have a intel MAC mini + Aranym.
> AHCC.PRG compiles itself in 16 seconds on that.
> Do you use Aranym JIT?
JIT some times, mostly I use the MMU, so no JIT, I shall have to test
at some point, will try to keep it mind, have to reformat this
machine, become a bit of a nightmare, Iḿ currently used a boot CD..

50 min is for make all on freemint, XaAES takes most of the time..
actually it maybe more that 50 min..

The new command line versions of AHCC, you renamed them, they still
work the same (can test atm), if so I have used them, like I said
then, I would add more command line control, but that is what you have
the project file for...