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Re: [MiNT] Daily freemint kernel builds

On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 4:25 PM, J. F. Lemaire <jflemaire@skynet.be> wrote:
> On Sunday 10 January 2010, Helmut Karlowski wrote:
>> Am 10.01.2010, 17:30 Uhr, schrieb Helmut Karlowski <hk10@gmx.de>:
>> >> Ah, something didn't check out correctly on todays build. Fixed
>> >> the script and it's rebuilding now.
>> Seems to work now - the helmut-archive contains correct binaries.
> I just tried them on my Falcon and XaAES does not correctly detect the
> screen depth either. Tested both with BlowUP and Centscreen.
> --
> Jean-François Lemaire
This is good, because before now it was only certain ARAnyM machine
giving this.

I know Helmut has a fix for this, but as far as I know it has to be
added to every time there is a new "invalid pixel format" problem
(because it is a previously unrecognised pixel format).

This suggest (as it did to me earlier when some time was spent
tracking it) that there is an underlying problem elsewhere, so again,
the patch is nice, but there is (now) and obvious change somewhere
that is affecting other platforms

Helmut seems to have his hands full just at this moment with his
branch getting compiled correctly (fixed now maybe), but I suspect you
and him will have to do a bit of debugging (or other Falcon owners).

Please take the time to try to trace the underlying problem (not easy
I know, as this has already been tried at least once, if not twice). A
reminder that this is not an issue with 1.16.3, which makes it a good
reference point, if somewhat useless due to kernel changes too, but
this is where I suspect the problem may be, and it may not actually be
a problem at a technical level, however that is to be seen yet...