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Re: [MiNT] Sparemint Rebuild Progress

On 1/10/10 6:00 PM, Miro Kropacek wrote:

I agree with all your plans/changes but I'd suggest one thing -- it seems you're trying to achieve gcc4 compatibility and possibility of rebuilding every src rpm to have up-to-date compilable packages. I think it would be good idea to cooperate with Alan and his Gentoo work/plan, there's no point to have TWO distros (one sparemint, slowly becoming updated with newer RPMs and Alan's new gentoo packages), we're way too small community to use / support two different distros... I mention this because it seems Alan is further (from the up-to-date point of view) than you/sparemint in general.
Do you propose abandoning sparemint then? I don't see any other way. If Alan's patches are available, I will make use of them. It's fairly easy to translate information from gentoo ebuilds to rpm spec files and vice versa. It is in this way that we can cooperate and use each other's work.