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Re: [MiNT] [MiNT tos.hyp

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Gerhard Stoll <Gerhard_Stoll@b.maus.de> wrote:
>> > You mean something like http://toshyp.atari.org/?
>> >
>> sort of I have been using it just lately and some of the linking is
>> dead, or not correct.
> What links do you mean=
> Gerhard
specifically BITBLK on 008016.htm in the resource headers, also one of
scrolling object links, takes you somewhere bogus, there were some
others on that page also


this was the other one on that page (near the end)
actually there are many non working links on

My run it with BITBLK says most of the problem is incompatible A HREF
and A NAME, for example the href says "#bit_20block_20format", but the
refered to name is "#BITBLK" as it should be.

I think easily 50% of the link issue are or this sort. If you give me
a couple of weeks to get some of these other things out of the way,
wiki, XaAES, etc. I am willing to go completely through the system
(the HTML side anyway, but I can double check the HYP side too), as
linking into the TOShyp is one of the reasons to have the wiki,
specifically for development and library references.

I also saw a doc for XaAES in the FreeMiNT source tree, but its in HYP
format, and that should also be available in HTML form, which needs to
link to other libraries and references, including TOShyp.., so I need
to read as much as possible of the TOShyp documentation, including
protocols etc, which also need a reference list somewhere too (online,

The final idea is to provide locally readable and searchable
(COMPLETE) dev docs with a (COMPLETE) devkit, it at least HYP and
HTML, if not STG as well, and try to get some other language kits done
for them also, obviously this is a long term goal, but I expect
English to fully completed, linked and searchable with 12 months at
the outside (Dec 2010 - Jan 2011), online and locally