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Re: [MiNT] Daily freemint kernel builds

On Monday 11 January 2010, Alan Hourihane wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-01-11 at 10:42 +0100, Helmut Karlowski wrote:
> > Am 11.01.2010, 10:23 Uhr, schrieb Helmut Karlowski
> >
> > <helmut.karlowski@ish.de>:
> > >> The one in the helmut-* archive. Can't be sure of the version
> > >> since I can't get to a menu. Anyway, no boot log is being
> > >> created.
> > >
> > > Are you sure? Maybe wrong rsc-file, but a bootlog (xa_boot.log)
> > > should always be created.
> >
> > The resource-file in the helmut-archive is wrong. I attach the
> > correct one.
> >
> > Alan, please check your scripts.
> CVS didn't have the same files as you attached, so I've committed
> them and started a fresh build. New files should be up in about an
> hour.

helmut-* still does not run. See the attached log (at least there is a 
log now). Can anyone get this to run on a Falcon with a non-native 
resolution? People are asking for binaries but I don't see many testing 

Jean-François Lemaire
bootlog 'u:\c\MINT\1-17-CUR\XAAES\xa_boot.log'

~~~~~~~~~~~~ XaAES start up!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sysfile_exits: 'u:/c/mint/1-17-cur/moose.xdd'
sysfile_exits: 'u:/c/mint/1-17-cur/moose_w.adi'
sysfile_exits: 'u:/c/mint/1-17-cur/moose.adi'
home_path: '\c\MINT\1-17-CUR\XAAES\'
sysfile_exits: 'u:\c\MINT\1-17-CUR\XAAES\moose_w.adi'
  XaAES v0.999 Alpha
MultiTasking AES for MiNT
Part of freemint (http://sparemint.org).
Supports mouse wheels
Compile time switches enabled:
 - CTRL+ALT key-combo's
 - Client vector validation
 - Realtime (live) window scrolling, moving and sizing

set bit 3 in conterm ok!
nkc_init ok!
Loading config \c\MINT\1-17-CUR\XAAES\xaaes.cnf
load adi modules
Loading AES Device Drivers:
load_adi: enter (0x20528314, 0x20528214, moose.adi)
load_adi: return 0
load_adi: enter (0x20568324, 0x20568224, moose_w.adi)
load_adi: return 0
adi_load: done
Creating XaAES kernel thread
k_init: videomode=27
nvdi version = 503
could not determine fvdi version
Falcon video: mode 27(1B)
Screenmode is: 5
k_init: v_opnwk()
Physical work station opened: 1
Virtual work station opened: 2
unsupported color depth!
Video info: width(768/576), planes :265, colours 256 pixel-format -2
Display Device: Phys_handle=1, Virt_handle=2
 size=[768,576], colours=256, bitplanes=265
Loading system resource file 'xaaes.rsc'
xaaes_sysfile: check if '\c\MINT\1-17-CUR\XAAES\xaaes.rsc' exists - return = 0
system resource = 2049A004 (xaaes.rsc)
xaaes_sysfile: check if '\c\MINT\1-17-CUR\XAAES\xa_xtobj.rsc' exists - return = 0
Cleaning up ready to exit....
wait for AES help thread to terminate....
Removing all remaining windows
Freeing delayed deleted windows
Closing and deleting root window
shutting down aes thread .. tp=0
Freeing Aes environment
cancel aesmsgs
cancel cevents
cancel keyqueue
freeing attachements
free clientlistname
Freeing wind_calc cache
freeing attachments
Exit object render module
freeing wtlist
Free main XaAES client structure
Freeing cnf stuff
Freeing Options
C.shutdown = 0x4
Closing down vwk
Closing down physical vdi workstation
Get current cpu cache settings... cm = FF07, sc = CF07
Enter cursor mode
Closing VDI workstation 1
VDI workstation closed
Restore CPU caches
Done shutting down VDI
leaving k_shutdown()
Closing alert pipe
Waking up loader: pid=76 wait_cond=2051EAF4 wait_q=2
init:return 0