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Re: [MiNT] Bugtracker

On 1/8/10 11:05 AM, Paul Wratt wrote:
Obviously the programming with WPF worked out successfully :)

I know what you mean about mono, it is one of those on my todo list
also, although I was going to use the linux version as a basis (cant
remember the name offhand)

Honestly it's probably not worth the time. I have a Nokia 770 with mono and gtk-sharp running on it and the performance is abysmal. It's orders of magnitude faster than a ct60 falcon probably so I think we're screwed on that. That's why I'm plowing full steam into C++. It's a nice high level language with high level features that compiles to tight fast native code on nearly any platform. Seems like THE choice for embedded development.

And then I can use QT and develop much faster apps for the 770. QT is pretty lean and fast, even on low power devices. It would be an interesting exercise to create a gem frontend for it.