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Re: [MiNT] Bugtracker

On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 2:09 AM, Mark Duckworth
<mduckworth@atari-source.org> wrote:
> On 1/2/10 12:33 AM, Paul Wratt wrote:
>> This is another useful too (the libhyp work), and if most other feel
>> OK about using wiki, then that is fine (see other post), just remember
>> I was thinking about multiple uses, including offline..
> Wiki format can be exported as far as I know and read offline.  I know there
> are offline readers for wikipedia.  You could conceivably create a quick and
> lean gem reader for wiki format just like stguide.
Yeah I know about the ofline wiki readers, but most are wiki engines
wrapped in custom html views.

As far as I am concerned, without an IDE or rapid dev app, It is
impractical for me to dev any apps at the moment, I just have too much
on my plate, and not enough time for all of them even.

So a rapid dev app has a higher priority also :(

>> if we could get access to the current server it would be better,
>> unless someone want to do a new layout etc, I would just update the
>> content, and maybe add a french and Czec versionm, but basiclly just
>> update everything. Some of those dead link I have managed to find the
>> packages, copys of the web sites etc..
>> I would still want to do something specific for Alans Freemint.org,
>> presuming that to be specific to kernel development, test versions,
>> cvs builds, and other branch builds. If the wiki stuff comes up by
>> Sunday (so it can start to be fleshed out) I will put together a demo
>> site for Alan that can allow others to upload custom kernel&  xaeas
>> builds, which will makes it easier to pretest patches and bug fixes
> It may not be so easy.  I know the current site is generated by perl
> scripts.  At least the package portion.  It's possible the perl scripts
> touch other things.  And I don't know who updated the design most recently.
>  Definitely if you change the design than the perl scripts must be changed
> to match.
I have no problem with Perl, especially if is just layout changes, and
the as far as SpareMiNT goes it was more about aesthetics and updated
content, and linking in more of the new stuff (up and coming).

>> thank you, some more knowledge was spread, and there seems to be
>> movement in getting something up and running ASAP, and now we know why
>> you are often quite on the list :)
> I do tend to be a watcher.  Mostly though I was quiet because I just opened
> a new casino and that required several months of my time.  I had to do the
> kiosk application that handles information, directions, valet pickup and
> payment, account information, dining reservations and some other things.   I
> decided to challenge myself and implement it in WPF rather than just plain
> C#/Windows Forms.  I know a whole lot about programming languages and apis
> that are completely useless on our aging platform ;)  Some day I'll port
> mono over and things will be really fun for me.
> Thanks,
> Mark
Obviously the programming with WPF worked out successfully :)

I know what you mean about mono, it is one of those on my todo list
also, although I was going to use the linux version as a basis (cant
remember the name offhand)