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Re: [MiNT] Bugtracker

Paul Wratt wrote:
On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 10:16 AM, Rob Mahlert <rmahlert@charter.net> wrote:
Paul Wratt wrote:
On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 2:09 AM, Mark Duckworth
<mduckworth@atari-source.org> wrote:

It may not be so easy.  I know the current site is generated by perl
scripts.  At least the package portion.  It's possible the perl scripts
touch other things.  And I don't know who updated the design most
 Definitely if you change the design than the perl scripts must be
to match.

I have no problem with Perl, especially if is just layout changes, and
the as far as SpareMiNT goes it was more about aesthetics and updated
content, and linking in more of the new stuff (up and coming).

I updated the perl scripts last time.  The main change was to make the
script output to php with a newer 'theme'. It was just a start to get
something new up and running and then to update the docs. I was hoping to
get some help updating the docs.. but nothing happened.
It's a very simple to understand perl script and it's in the cvs if anyone
wants to make changes.

Rob Mahlert

I will do this, and I am happy to handle the docs also. If I can get
some of those other web sites/pages entioned else where, it will make
it the process easier, especially when using search engines online.

Doing the docs will also help with building/linking a cross-reference,
and page or source specific indexes.

let me get through this load of emails, I am having problems with
attention spans at the moment, some days I am not able to work more
than a couple of hours tops (I am seriously sick atm), but I dont have
anything else on my plate, except Atari, MiNT, ARAnyM, AFROS, XaAES,
MyAES, TOS v5, etc, so I can make headway quite quickly when I am able
to work.



I haven't caught up reading all the messages.. what scripts are you talking about for installing?

I setup the wiki and not to upset Jo because it's not ready.. I won't post the link yet.

Rob Mahlert