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Re: [MiNT] Multiple GCC versions, autoconf, automake

Mark Duckworth wrote:
Does anyone have a problem with me modifying our current
gcc build to install binaries like gcc-2.95.3 so they can be selected
later at will? This way gcc 2.95.3 doesn't have to be removed

I totally agree, and that will be easy.

It is possible to have several versions of GCC installed, by compiling them with a different suffix.

For example, in Cygwin 1.5, the default compiler named "gcc" is the version 3.4.4, but there is an alternative version named "gcc-4" which is the version 4.3.2. One can use the alternative version when building packages simply by using "configure CC=gcc-4".

It is possible to see how a specific gcc version has been configured with the following command:
$ gcc --verbose

On Cygwin, here is what I get:
$ gcc-4 --verbose
... --program-suffix=-4 ...

So in order to make a GCC 4.x named gcc-4, you just have to configure it with with the additional option --program-suffix=-4

Vincent Rivière