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Re: [MiNT] Other Sparemint Decisions

Helmut Karlowski wrote:
Is there any 'official' site for gcc4 (cross and native) and lib?

My personal interest is to to provide MiNT patches for the latest stable versions of the binutils and GCC, as well as Cygwin binaries for these tools, and the required libraries to be able to build MiNT software from MS Windows.
My latest patches and Cygwin binaries are always available here:

I would be happy if the SpareMiNT team use these patches for their official dev tools. However, I will not provide myself native RPMs for MiNT, as I don't need them myself (I have explained several times that I'm only interested in cross-compilation).

Be sure I do everything possible to keep the patches compilable on MiNT.

Vincent Rivière