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Re: [MiNT] HRD's & RSC's

Paul Wratt wrote:

> as long as people remember that any even if the resource can be output
> as c code, that will need a specific make line to recreate, and that
> the resource itself needs to be easy maintained and adjustable, which
> is inherantly not the case when converting resource files to a source
> code format (C or ASM)

Another solution is to create a RSC editor that loads and saves ASCII
files. Then the metadata (HRD-files) could be saved together with the
resource data, and the ASCII files could be converted to RSC-files with
a small tool while building XaAES.

This could be useful in an IDE too, because you can store references to
code as metadata in the ASCII RSC. Then it would be possible to create a
"Visual GEM" IDE.

Jo Even