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Re: [MiNT] Svar:Re: HRD's & RSC's

Paul Wratt wrote:

> It may be more useful to look at an engine that can handle these, like
> a slim line WebKit, and get the html engine and js with it

Sounds awfully complex for an RSC editor! There is no need for all this
- the RSC format is simple and strictly defined. All you need is to be
able to load/save a human readable version in a RSC editor, and have a
small command line tool to compile/decompile these files to/from the RSC
binary format.

Remember that this is GEM and not the web :-)

> The other point is that there neds to be some updating done on the
> resource format, an extension at least, that can allow for a standard
> set of AES objects and in particular 32bit color widgets. XaAES is

This can be done with very little effort in the AES, but it requires a
new RSC editor to handle the new format.

> BTW, as a temp solution, something like python could be used to do xml
> and xsl to rsc binary... there is a new package available from Mikro
> that works natively..

Sounds really slow to me. Way to complex to be beneficial. Remember, the
point in a human readable format is to make things easier to the
developer and maintainer, to trickier.

Jo Even