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Re: [MiNT] Daily freemint kernel builds

On 1/16/10 7:34 AM, Lars Schmidbauer wrote:

Hm, $fptest shows (no matter what CPU speed):

rounding is double, result = 0x640006, expected result = 0x640005
rounding is float, result = 0x640006, expected result = 0x640005


BENCH.TOS 66 Mhz: 0.810 seconds
           90 MHz: 0.620 seconds
          100 MHz: 0.565 seconds

FPUTEST.TOS pass until ~100000 without problems at 66 and 90 Mhz, then i
stopped it manually. At 100 MHz, errors are shown right from the start.
How long shall i run FPUTEST.TOS?

One more: The first block seems always to be compressed correct (at
           90 and 100 MHz):

bzip2 -vv /h/ozk-15012010.tar
     block 1: crc = 0x820d2ecd, combined CRC = 0x820d2ecd, size = 899981

bzip2/libbzip2: internal error number 1007.

Again, thank you all. Perhaps i'll test some other SDRAM. But now i look
how the builds are working on my Falcon.

That rounding issue happens on mine at any speed. The fact that you get errors on the lengthy test at 100MHz immediately suggests that your system is not healthy at 100MHz. Sorry but you have to crank it down. It's interesting that certain parts of your system are working and certain parts aren't. I suspect only certain opcodes are giving a bad result so you can boot and run the system but certain math functions die.