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Re: [MiNT] Daily freemint kernel builds


@Miro + Alan:
> but you know, better 100% working 66 MHz than
> maybe-something-silently-not-working XX MHz

> You may not like it, but it just be life for you that your CT60 can't
> run 100% stable at 100MHz.

Yes, of course you're right. But i'm feeling a little bit disappointed
somehow...well, not really ;-)

> What model 060 CPU do you have - IIRC, Rodolphe posted the numbers on his
> website for the models that were fairly reliable for bumping up the speed.

68060 Rev.6 Mask E41J with latest ABE+SDR V7A. So it should work good
with 'high speed'.

> Do you have the CTCM? Makes it so easy to play with the speeds...

Yes, CTCM installed.

> What is more likely happening is that corruption is being
> introduced during the calculation of decompression, and that corruption
> is being caused by the cpu probably.  Using an FPU accuracy checker may
> yield a test failure but none of these packages are built to use fpu.

> It's all in here: http://aoi.atari-source.org/~mduckworth/fputest.tar.gz

Hm, $fptest shows (no matter what CPU speed):

rounding is double, result = 0x640006, expected result = 0x640005
rounding is float, result = 0x640006, expected result = 0x640005


BENCH.TOS 66 Mhz: 0.810 seconds
          90 MHz: 0.620 seconds
         100 MHz: 0.565 seconds

FPUTEST.TOS pass until ~100000 without problems at 66 and 90 Mhz, then i
stopped it manually. At 100 MHz, errors are shown right from the start.
How long shall i run FPUTEST.TOS?

One more: The first block seems always to be compressed correct (at
          90 and 100 MHz):

bzip2 -vv /h/ozk-15012010.tar
    block 1: crc = 0x820d2ecd, combined CRC = 0x820d2ecd, size = 899981

bzip2/libbzip2: internal error number 1007.

Again, thank you all. Perhaps i'll test some other SDRAM. But now i look
how the builds are working on my Falcon.