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Re: [MiNT] Thing and MiNT

on 1/1/10 2:29 AM, Paul Wratt wrote:

> so the focus bug was gone, but some others introduced, so its a pain
> to use, even more than with the focus bug..

No, I'd not say that.  Thing 1.29b is quite usable, as the rsc glitches are
just visual issues and non-fatal, and you can get a dir update by hitting
the escape key, its just annoying to have to keep doing that for the ramdisk
all the time.

> Can you make the RSC available, and give us a link to the 1.27b. I do
> remember having that or maybe even 1.27c (although I might be
> confusing it with something else)

Per the current status of Thing, translated RSC files are to be submitted to
Thomas.  1.27b was not released in binary form far as I know, but as a diffy
file (patch update).  I don't recall a 1.27c, but I'm not sure.
> This is one of the benefits of using ARAnyM, as opposed to actual
> hardware, although anyone with one of the pc-card IDE interface
> adapters would have the same flexibility. As for stability, even I use
> 1.16 for my full work environments, both EasyMint, and AFROS style
> setups, but on AFROS its more about the interface (pixel format and
> WindFrame texturing)

All I have is a PPC mac, and aranym is slow to the point of unusable.

Lonny Pursell    http://www.bright.net/~gfabasic/