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Re: [MiNT] [Mint-cvs] [FreeMiNT CVS] freemint/sys/sockets/inet4

Am 01.01.2010, 22:43 Uhr, schrieb Alan Hourihane <alanh@fairlite.co.uk>:

That would meanwhile give lots of talking!

What's wrong with discussion ?

Nothing of course, I would love to discuss the things I did, but it would be very much stuff I think. I just remember the discussion on case-sensitivity of the fileselector, but this is really unimportant, and writing a solution for all would consume less time than the talk on it.

I think you're the only active person with write-access at that time.

Doesn't mean I'm qualified in all areas.

Me neither - I think no one is expert on everything. When I post a patch (e.g. for MiNT) it's primarily meant as a suggestion not a final solution (see the KM_FREE-thing).

This is half the problem. We've never seen your entire patch set to
comment on. So how can you give up when people haven't seen your entire
work ?

Well, I spread binaries to anyone who asks for them ;)

That was the first experience I made (http://sparemint.org/mailinglist/Mailing-Lists/MiNT-List.200906/op.uvi01hetofd6j1@descaro.text): I did not even mean this to be a patch, it should have been revised, but after 3 weeks or so Frank included it without change or comment to the source, and no comment was seen here on the list. Later I noticed that it was by far not the best solution. (I see I worked only 7 months not 9 on XaAES)

You've not sent a lot of your work, so how can it be rejected if no one
has seen it. Either send it to Odd privately or this list in a zip
format. I really do not see a problem with sending binaries to the list.

That's one possibility.