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Re: [MiNT] Sparemint Rebuild Progress

1. Download the current src.rpm for the package they are trying to build from sparemint and install it.

From sparemint.org, or sparemint.atari-source.org? I cannot see sources on sparemint.atari-source.org anyway.

You will want to grab the package from the Sparemint repository.

4. Update any patches, examine the build output to make sure that everything goes in the freemint specified places.

What if I changed something in the source? Should the source-rpm contain the original source and the diffs or the ready-to-go-sources and diffs?

Depending on your coding style, you either want to have 1 diff to apply to the source, or multiple diffs for the different parts updated.

The src pkg of an RPM typically contains at least 3 files, but sometimes only 2.

1) The original source distribution of the package, either tar.gz or tar.bz2

2) The SPEC file for the package whic is the instructions for RPM for package creation and also contains the descriptions and packager notes with each updated version.

3) If needed, the patch(es)/diff(s) needed for the package to work on the target arch/os.

5. Install the RPM and test it for a little while.
6. Send me your completed src.rpm which is in /usr/src/redhat/SRPMS/

I will need some time to get this right, I think.

Yes, there is definitely a learning curve with creating SPEC files for RPMs. I still screw it up and have to redo them many times.

You basically are best to look at SPECs from different packages and get an understanding for how it works, besides looking at some HOWTOS.

Basically the RPM SPEC tells RPM what the source code is, and patches, how to apply the patches, how to configure/build/install the source, and then how to create the various install packages.

With MINT being all static binaries, libraries never need to be dstributed with programs, so you separate out the binaries into a user package and the libraries and whatever headers into a devel package. I have the most problems with getting the files for the install right.

Other tasks that might need to be done include stripping binaries, setting the stack, and flags, but most apps that is not an issue.