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[MiNT] Generic tool

I am pondering an idea for a config and util GEM interface.
The idea would be an XML driven dialogue box that allows the various
options to be set, parameter/files entered etc. then the Apply
button sends them to the relevant application or config file.

This is a simple (probably bad) example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<form application="/bin/ls">
    <object type="check">
        <label="details" value="l" status="off">
    <object type="check">
        <label="all files" value="a" status="off">
    <object type="button">

The xml is used to auto-generate a dialogue box. Without any layout
instructions it might be a bit basic but would suffice.

Obviously it would be used for something more interesting than ls.
I thought it might be useful for controlling dhcp, samba, network
settings etc.

My C skills are a bit limited so I just had a look for Pascal xml libs
and there doesn't seem to be much. Pity. The Expat library has a Sparemint
rpm which could be used.