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Re: [MiNT] nf_ops struct in kentry

Am 12.11.2010, 18:48 Uhr, schrieb David Gálvez <dgalvez75@gmail.com>:

Hi everybody,

To the new loadable km modules is passed the new kentry struct instead
of the kerinfo that is exported to the xdd and xfs modules.

I've noticed today that for the Aranym kernel the struct nf_ops that
is part of kentry points to NULL, so it's not possible to use it to
access Aranym's Native Features from km modules.
For kerinfo is OK.

I think there is no reason for this, it's only that it was missed and
nobody need it until now (the only km module i know is xaaes).

If no one knows a reason i've attached a patch to solve this issue.

Thanks. I've just committed it. But it is always easier to have a nice description for the cvs-log.

Helmut Karlowski