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Re: [MiNT] conholio,was: Re: porting

9 nov 2010 kl. 17.21 skrev Helmut Karlowski:

> Peter Persson wrote:
>> Ah. You probably need to direct_access to FALSE in the configuration =
>> file.
> That fixes it. It's not really full-screen, but that's another story.
>> Nope, the reason for this is that fVDI + natfeats doesn't allow direct =
>> access to the framebuffer. Ideally I'd like to detect this, but I don't =
> What happens then?

I checked it out just now. It doesn't crash - but the fullscreen image isn't visible since the natfeat-fVDI driver hides the VIDEL screen. In fullscreen mode, Conholio grabs the mouse and keyboard, and doesn't return it until you press alt+return. Press alt+return to "return" to windowed mode and it'll work just fine. Or, disable fullscreen (or use the VDI-based fullscreen code by setting direct_access to FALSE).

-- PeP