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[MiNT] GCC (>4) Experience

Hello there,

I wanted to share an experience I made with my GCC (v. 4.4.3) under aranym.

Within netsurf, one of my callbacks is called with "false"/Invalid
arguments. It should be 10, but with:

-m68020-60 -O2 it is 40


-m68020-60 -g -fstack-check it is 1

I recompiled everything with the m68k-atari-mint cross-compiler ( v. 4.5.1
) (also the additional html & css libs) and -m68000 flag, now everything
works well.

Maybe I'm going to recompile everything with the 4.4.3 and -m68000 flag,
to see if the problem is because of the other architecture flags...

I though that this is maybe caused by the different return methods for
floats with the different target architectures... and that I missed to
compile one of the addition libs with the correct flags... but I doubt
that ;) And If I remember correctly, there is no way to detect the
architecture of the lib file, right?

As I said, I'm not sure when/if I will recompile with 4.4.3 - to make sure
the anomaly isn't caused by different architectures. Because using the
cross-compiler is SO much faster. With the native GCC and aranym the
compilation takes about... let's say: 4.5 hours (including libs /
./configure etc ...)
With the cross-compiler the whole bunch of stuff is compiled within less
than 25 minutes :)