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Re: [MiNT] Localisation of other MiNT SW


Dne 23.1.2011 13:00, Helmut Karlowski napsal(a):
Am 23.01.2011, 11:51 Uhr, schrieb Bohdan Milar <bohdan@milar.name>:

You may also use the same method as for xaaes009.rsl:

set rsc_lang=1 in app_options for toswin2, and use the generated rsl-file.

I appologize, but I do not know how to make a rsl-file (there are no rsls in toswin2 and fsetter).

As described above! But it won't work properly with your XaAES-version, so I'll append one for toswin (2.7, english) and qed 5.0.

There is still the problem with unsufficient length, esp. in the main-menu. In the long term I hope to find an automatism for this.

Also the alert-strings are not processed in the current version (works in next update).

I am sorry, but I really do not understand what does "set rsc_lang=1 in app_options for toswin2, and use the generated rsl-file" mean. Where to put it? What to be run?

I attach the translated toswin2 rsl.

I already translated qed (incl. HYP documentation) about 8 years ago.
Is the old translated RSC usable for something (like making diff for identifying newer/modified strings) or do I have to translate everything again?


Bohdan Milar

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