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Re: [MiNT] XaAES: Bad form_alert() icons

I am using the default EasyMint but with only Teradesk 4.02 replaced (I like the 
shutdown dialogbox better ;-) )
I am seeing the blue square over the icon as well as the XaAes banner when I 

> >  Anyway, I see other interesting things (see caps).
> > 
> > Am I wrong,  or did I already see that wrong MiNT Icon on this list ?
> That's exactly  the xaaes logo I see every day. I never cared about it much 
>because I'm seeing  it with aranym only. So I though it's caused by aranym, or 
>maybe fVDI..
> I  also get bad icons with kronos & the inconify widget of conholio - but maybe  
>that's up to the application to handle it...