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[MiNT] Stack space / Stack tool


because of stack issues with some pages (yahoo & dict.leo.org) I had to increase the stack space for netsurf. I increased it to a really big value =) 3000k. (I think the prober solution would be to patch mintlibs regex module to use malloc instead of alloca, if that doesn't help, then there is an more hidden bug within regex lib... then it isn't allocating to much memory, but is writing out of bounds... - anyway, I think that alloca should check if sizeof requested memory exceeds the available stack size...)

This stack increase works ok with aranym, but it doesn't seem to work with an CT63 Falcon. It says "Not enough memory" - when you decrease the stack value, it works again.

Has someone explanation for this? Because there is enough free RAM... It also seems the flags are OK: AltLoad & AltMalloc flags are set.