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Re: [MiNT] Including multi-arch libs within RPM's

I think this is the way we need to go, at least right now. Until someone has a better idea, anyone willing to put the extra effort into including the libs for 68020-60 and even Coldfire should just go ahead and do it. That way the libs start to trickle out, so, at least with Coldfire, when it becomes reality for more users, there is a good starting point for app development.

Last MiNTLib iteration, I included the Coldfire libs. GCC carries the libs needed for Coldfire. And most RPM's I have been rebuilding, when able, I try to add support for 68020-60 and Coldfire (development libs, not binaries so far). Not all yet, because there are still issues every once and a while.


On Sun, 13 Feb 2011, m0n0 wrote:


I'm going to rebuild some RPM packages ( libiconv, libjpeg, freetype2, maybe some others...) + new libcurl RPM. I will include libs for Multi-Arch within the RPMS - this will increase the filesize about 3 times larger...

Is this OK? I mean, there are already some packages build that way, but I wanted to ask if we want to continue like that? I don't have a problem with it - but maybe the sparemint space is limited =) ?