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Re: [MiNT] PolarSSL

On Sun, 22 Apr 2012, m0n0 wrote:

# For those who want to integrate SSL into their networked applications, I
# have found an interesting library:

	Did anyone ever get a good working sshd binary going? I did a 
couple quick builds and tried a couple versions floating around (the 
gentoo one for instance) and ran into a lot of oddities .. now with 
freshest mint out I may have to retest, but it sure seemed like I had 
inbound socket issues (which makes no sense, since outbound sockets work 
and its essentially the same mechanisms..) .. but old binaries, you never 
know :)

	If anyone has a working sshd, let me know, otherwise when I get a 
moment I'll keep at it.

	I'm really looking forward to being able to do remote builds on 
the Firebee :)


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