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Re: [MiNT] permanent solution for redraw menu issue


On keskiviikko 12 syyskuu 2012, Paul Wratt wrote:
> What is this idea of WM_FULLSCREEN. That sounds much simpler and more
> useful for current AES. How would one go about implementing it if
> using an AES which doesn't support it?

Err... One would obviously need to use something else[1] if it's missing,
or error out.

appl_getinfo() in newer AES versions can be used to find out what
features AES supports, I guess it could report whether this kind of
flag is supported by the AES.

[1] I.e. Just overwrite all over the screen regardless of the window size
    (as unlike on X11, GEM doesn't prevent writing over window borders)
    and use the menubar trick to get desktop menu redrawn afterwards,
    like already discussed.

	- Eero