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Re: [MiNT] permanent solution for redraw menu issue

Le 05/09/2012 12:34, Paul Wratt a écrit :
I would like to see a resolution of this ugly problem, and its only
goes to get worse

Because we have access to MyAES, XaAES ad EmuTOS, I think its the
right time to get a couple things added to all three AES. This will
allow other to write fixes or addons for other AES (as WDIALOG does)

I would like some official petitions of request for SLIST/G_SLIST
being added into MyAES and EmuTOS from this list

Just said me where documentation for this can be found, an example source code of use and compiles version and some screenshot and I can look at this.

In same time if someone have some documentation of extended object and some software using it I'm interesting (I think Zdesk use it)

The "redraw menu on exit" issue needs to have a definitive solution
that all three developments are happy with, and works great for
When there is no more GEM application and AES stop?