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Re: [MiNT] XaAES, TosWin2 closed and wrong active window

On 28/12/2012 17:01, Vincent Rivière wrote:
1) Determine why clwtna = 1 was required, while it was supposed to be
the default setting?

I have finally understood what happens.

In xaaes/src.km/example.cnf

Line 591:
# clwtna = <value>         default: 1

Line 694:
app_options = default,thinwork = true, winframe_size = 2, xa_nomove = false, clwtna = 0, nolive = true

This is misleading: first we learn that the clwtna default is 1, then it is overridden with app_options = default, clwtna = 0.

So the actual default from example.cnf is clwtna = 0, this is why it has to be manually set to 1 for toswin2 in order to get the right behavior.

We should really provide a simple and user friendly settings in the default XaAES example.cnf.

Vincent Rivière