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[MiNT] [PATCH] Remove lost+found symlink


The default mint.cnf suggests to create a symlink for /lost+found. This is a nonsense, because that directory is specific to ext2 partitions, not to the standard POSIX directory tree that u:/ is supposed to mimic.

I propose to remove that symlink suggestion with the following patch.

Remove symlink suggestion for u:/lost+found. Contributed by Vincent Riviere.

Vincent Rivière
diff -aurN -x CVS freemint.orig/doc/examples/mint.cnf freemint/doc/examples/mint.cnf
--- freemint.orig/doc/examples/mint.cnf	2004-07-26 04:19:33.000000000 +0200
+++ freemint/doc/examples/mint.cnf	2012-12-29 22:34:57.453125000 +0100
@@ -272,7 +272,6 @@
 #sln e:/etc      u:/etc
 #sln e:/home     u:/home
 #sln e:/lib      u:/lib
-#sln e:/lost+found u:/lost+found
 #sln e:/mnt      u:/mnt
 #sln e:/opt      u:/opt
 #sln e:/root     u:/root