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Re: [MiNT] [PATCH] Internal shell message

Miro Kropáček, 29.12.2012 20:40:38:

 in case there's /c/mint/sh.tos found, mint correctly executes it but
shows 'reverting to ..." message anyway. This patch fixes it.

Committed. But on aranym (bootstrapped) it has to be
Are you sure about c:/mint/sh.tos?

Yes I am. I was curious what happens if I put bash there, it worked (i.e.
bash was executed) but the message was there anyway. Maybe it looks for
<sysdir>/sh.tos and then mint/sh.tos afterwards?

It only looks in sysdir:

    ksprintf(shellpath, sizeof(shellpath), "%ssh%s", sysdir, ext);

    boot_printf(MSG_init_starting_shell, shellpath);
# endif
    r = sys_pexec(100, shellpath, init_tail, _base->p_env);

So the message you get on real hardware is interesting. I just tested it on my TT:

sh.tos is in c:/mint and in c:/mint/1-18-cur. It loads it from the latter as it does on aranym.
sysdir is what becomes $SYSDIR.

On aranym I just get a not-found-error and the internal shell is launched when sh.tos is only in c:/mint.

This is what I'd expect from the code in init.c.

Helmut Karlowski