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Re: [MiNT] Edge of the screen

Peter Slegg, 06.07.2013 19:11:05:

You can't "fix" all apps. Consider for example keyedit: It only has 1
valid size (try Ctrl-Alt-Cursor for fun).

It doesn't crash, it just doesn't makes sense to make it too small.
It's user choice and doesn't do any harm.

I didn't mean it crashes but that it reacts at all - I think the author wanted to implement resizing, but gave up. I also get some messages in the toswin-console from keyedit.

MyMail doesn't respond the the resize from the keyboard.

It can't be resized by mouse either even though it has the sizer-widget.

When a client decides to go over the edge, why prevent it from doing so?

Should an apps windows go off screen and become inaccessible ?
You could end up with windows open that you are not aware of and
that could cause some confusion or other problems.

OTOH the app might want this in some weird situation, or think of multi-screen. I admit all this is quite exotic, maybe I'll add a check in open_window.

It's a bit like allowing an app to access memory that doesn't belong to it.

As long as it does not draw outside the screen it's no problem.

Seems you've found some bugs in XaAES.

I know how long it can take to find issues in this sort of window

Some things always annoyed me a little, but I was too lazy to look at it ;)

handling so having found the keyboard features I thought I would play.

The best way to find issues sometimes.

I am good at breaking things :-)


Hope it works better now in 1.6.3. Tested mainly with toswin2.6/7 and qed.

BTW: If the Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Cursor does not work, then maybe remapping the shortcuts as described in xa_help.txt helps, e.g.:


Helmut Karlowski