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Re: [MiNT] Window with toolbar and redraw messages

On Sunday 01 December 2013 18:42:15 you wrote:
> Yes there is one function for this:
> form_dial(FMD_FINISH,....)
> I think it should work on all AES (to be tested)
> else I think call again wind_set(WF_TOOLBAR,...) should update the toolbar

Sure, but this means that I must know when the window will be redrawn. What I 
would like is each time the AES redraws the toolbar, a way of knowing that it 
does so that I can intervene if I need to.

As an example, suppose you have inside a toolbar a box with some scrollable 
text drawn via the VDI. Each time you click the arrows you receive a message 
so you can scroll the text. But when the text must be redrawn for some other 
reason, the window never receives a WM_REDRAW message so you can't update the 

I suspect there is no other way around a G_USERDEF in those cases.

Jean-François Lemaire