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Re: [MiNT] Window with toolbar and redraw messages

Le 01/12/2013 21:41, Jean-François Lemaire a écrit :
On Sunday 01 December 2013 21:28:58 Jean-François Lemaire wrote:

For example, currently making windows with several toolbars is a pain,
because only one is handled by the AES. You need to handle the others
yourself. The ability to create a large toolbar with a "white box in the
center" which would serve as a work area would provide the capability to
position GEM objects either on the top, the sides, the bottom...
Actually, the XaAES "About" dialog or the file selector are good examples,
except that they're internal to XaAES.

Really I not understand your problem, because if you want change for exemple the size of the window or move it and then change the dialog box tree of the toolbar, your problem is not to know when there is a redraw that is only the result of the action, your problem is to update the object tree when you do an action and ask to system to redraw it. As AES never change anything if you not request it if your window Move or resize it's only because your application request it, so of course in this case it's easy for you to update the object tree as you want, and ask to AES to redraw it. Notice if you ask to a window to move under AES you will never receive any message if the system is able to manage it and only if there is rectangle that it don't know what is redraw in it. Under Kronos for exemple in true color on graph result in background of the window I copy the photo of the desktop in dark, to be able to this I send a message of redraw of myself (more easy to manage in my case).

I try to do a small exemple to see how it can be done.