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Re: [MiNT] Daily trunk build

On 12/04/13 09:31, latzmaster@gmx.de wrote:

On 11/30/13 14:44, Peter Slegg wrote:
I've just tried the daily trunk buid from 30-11-2013

It boots as far as starting the system loggers and then stalls
and I have to ctrl-C to through the rest of the components to
get to Xaaes and the desktop.
Same problem here (trunk-0412):
Boot hangs when starting syslogd. I use user login/password (which need
syslogd running), so login is not started and i can't start XaAES in any way.
FreeMiNT build 1310 didn't have that problem.

Hi Lars, Peter,

Can one of you run 'strace' on it and find out where it's hanging.

Peter mentioned that running syslogd directly works fine, so it's something possibly in bash or what the script executes before running the actual syslogd daemon itself.