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Re: [MiNT] Daily trunk build

On 12/08/13 14:18, Alan Hourihane wrote:
On 12/07/13 10:06, latzmaster@gmx.de wrote:

Alan Hourihane schrieb:

I've looked into this, and unfortunately this looks like it's a bug in the
program 'initlog' that's used in the scripts.

In /etc/init.d/functions you'll see that initlog/INITLOG is used with a -s
parameter which causes the trouble.
Ouf, thank you Alan for finding this!! To be honest, i don't "see"
anything there ;-)
But i'll test your "workaround"!!

O.k. This is just a workaround. It turns out there are more bugs in the kernel.

I've resolved them and running them through some tests. But initlog is not at fault.

Fixes committed. Should be available tomorrow after the nightly build run.