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[MiNT] System time

I sometimes think that my system time and timezone is not functioning
quite right.

I am trying to rsync some paritions prior to removing a drive.

  rsync -vah /e/ /l/

When run for a second time it tries to sync many of the same files.

One of the original files on E:\ has a timestamp of 23:15 but the
copy made on L: has a time of 22:15 for example.

So this expains why the second run thinks it has to copy the file

The question is, why does rsync give the file a timestamp one hour
earlier ?  I presume it has something to do with Summertime BST = GMT+1

In mint.cnf I have this:

setenv TZ GMT-0BST,3.5.0,10.5.0
setenv MINT_CLOCKMODE "local"          # might not be needed anymore
# Make the timezone known to the kernel
exec u:\sbin\tzinit -l

Any suggestions ?