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Re: [MiNT] Problems during disk operations

On Sunday 28 September 2014 01:42:32 Piotrek wrote:
> I set GEMDOS in Kobold settings, but still the same, I saw this message
> on the screen not only in Kobold but when save Thing configuration too.
> ANy sugestions what happend.

I remember seeing that error message for a while on my Falcon a few years back 
and I think it was a setting from HDDriver that was the problem. This is from 
memory, since on the Firebee I don't have HDDriver: I think HDDriver by 
default blocks write access to some part of the drives which MiNT needs write 
access to (I did say it was from memory ;-) ). Check the HDDriver config CPX 
or some such about something along those lines.

Sorry for not being able to be more specific.

Jean-François Lemaire