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Re: [MiNT] Fix wrong size of outgoing packets in the FEC driver

On 04/09/2014 20:37, Vincent Rivière wrote:
I have just tried the standard FEC.XDD with EmuTOS, after putting
mcdcook.prg in the AUTO folder, before mintv4e.prg.

The boot hangs just after FEC.XDD displays the MAC address.

My bad. It hung because I had a bad INET4.XDD. I fixed it.

Now the NFS client works perfectly with BaS_gcc/EmuTOS and the official FEC.XDD!

Great work, Markus.

BTW: It would be nice that mcdcook.prg could properly detect FireTOS and exit gracefully instead of crashing. That way, we could always keep mcdcook.prg before mintv4e.prg in the AUTO folder, and be able to boot either FireTOS or EmuTOS without changing anything.

Vincent Rivière