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RE: A few words on patchlevel 28 of the MiNT library...

> > Also, can someone give me a clue as to what xyzzy.cc if for, except to
> > make sure that people without g++ can't compile the library?  I'm less
> > than a beginner with C++ so I can't see why such a "do-nothing" object
> > would be helpful at all...
> Yeah! Guess who forgot to make g++ for his X-compiler! Means I have to do
> the compilation here and take it home to finish it off! 

	i just wrote to entropy. that stuff should not be in mntlib and
should be left in libg++.olb where it belongs, and is maintained and
corrected. (that and gnuaux and gnulib3). they are out of sync with the
latest libg++ (pl 17 that i am sending out in a few moments) in any case.

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