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Re: A few words on patchlevel 28 of the MiNT library...

xyzzy.cc is there so that people can compile C++ programs that don't
use any libg++ features without having to add -lg++ to the command
line. Again, it's more of my GNU Library General Public License paranoia;
I was working at one time on some public domain C++ code (which never
did get finished, but that's another story...) and wanted to make
absolutely sure that the code wasn't GPL infected. (If you link with
libg++, you can't make your program public domain, it has to be
at least partly GPL'd.)

It probably wouldn't be hard to convert xyzzy.cc into a .s file;
just run it through gcc -S once.

(Oh, as to why a "do-nothing" object is necessary: I believe it's
because the C++ run time stuff expects at least one object to
exist. I think it simplifies a lot of the initialization and
cleanup code if the "no object" case can be ignored.)