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A few words on patchlevel 28 of the MiNT library...

I removed xyzzy.cc and gnulib3.c from patchlevel 29, which you should
have received by now.

If you really think it's important, I can add it back.  Bammi seemed
to think having those in the libs was an awful idea, and I've received
several complaints about it from people who don't have g++, and I
myself spent a few hours building the cross compiler over again here
on terminator just for that one stupid file...so I'd rather not.

Couldn't you avoid the GPL just by making sure you don't use any
GPL'ed code from g++.olb?

>It probably wouldn't be hard to convert xyzzy.cc into a .s file;
>just run it through gcc -S once.

I had done this, with -O2 it needs #ifdefs only for -mbaserel, but I
didn't want to have to maintain it.

Maybe we need a minimalistic, public domain g++ library...but I'm not
the right person to work on or maintain it, as I don't know much of
anything about C++...